Wednesday, April 13, 2011

she strikes again! er.. for the first time!

First yarn bomb installation.. whee!
Yaaay I'm blogging!  :D

Also, yaaay, first tag DONE.  Unsure of how friendly the law is to this sort of thing around here, I opted to venture out and hang it at night.. Apparently my measurements weren't correct because it ended up being just about an inch and a half too wide.  It would have been loose and saggy if I stitched it up at the edges, so I did a quick (and rather crappy) whip stitch with the extra fiber poking out awkwardly.  Taadaaaa.. oh well, I'll do better next time.

You can view it on North 31st, or just have a look at these lovely photos.

I'm moving up in the world.

Isn't it gorgeous?
I'm really hoping to get in on International Yarnbombing Day on June 11th, but as things are shaping up I will probably have to work on that day.. great, like 3 months of unemployment only to start my job a few days before a holiday I've been planning for in lieu of Easter.  Jeez.

Regardless, I hope to see you all there!

Obligatory night photograph just after hanging.

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  1. Great start. . . the sign looks much warmer now!